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A Choice for Claire

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Audition Script from A Choice for Claire:

Greta was Philip’s third wife, a little older than Claire, probably in her early thirties. She was like a thoroughbred, the daughter of one of Greece’s elite, a shipping magnate. Raised in New York, Greta was educated at only the finest private schools. She and Philip had no children, but he had two grown daughters from his previous marriages. Claire wondered when the joyous news would be announced. After all, the only way for her to ensure a continued share of the wealth would be for Greta to have his baby. Being wife number three certainly would not instill any confidence in the marriage lasting and who wouldn’t want a part of his empire?

“You and Brent are at our table, obviously,” Greta smiled that fake shallow smile that Claire had come to recognize so well. “The riffraff will be kept away,” she added.

“Riffraff?” Claire asked.

“Middle management,” Greta whispered in hushed tones.

“Ah,” she nodded. “The dreaded middle management,” she mocked to an oblivious Greta.


She felt his hand on the small of her back. “You are the most beautiful woman in the room,” he whispered in her ear.

“Thank you,” Claire smiled, thrilled to hear that he was happy with her appearance.

He kissed her softly on the cheek and she instinctively leaned her face into his lips, desperate for the affection.

“Careful,” Brent said as he straightened, pulling away. “You don’t want to smudge your makeup.”

“No,” she frowned. The exhilaration was quickly squashed.

Brent held his hand out and Claire took it as he led her through the throng of people to the table in the ballroom, front and center. “Are you ready to be proud of me?” he asked as he pulled her chair out.

“I’m always proud of you,” Claire responded.

“Well then, tonight you’ll be extra proud,” he grinned. “I’m getting the big award.”

“The big one?” Claire was surprised.

“Yep. Philip just told me. The bonus that comes with it is amazing.”

“A bonus?”

Brent nodded. “Do you know what kind of car I’ll be buying with it?”

Claire shook her head.

“No, neither do I, but it can be any car I want! Even a Lamborghini!” he whispered.

“Wow! That big, huh?”

He just smiled and looked around at everyone taking their seats. Claire was seated, her back perfectly straight, and Brent settled in next to her. Several months ago he’d told her that once he got a raise they’d get married, that he’d be ready to take the next step. They’d been living together for over two years in his townhouse that he’d had completely renovated right before she moved in. In fact, if she remembered right, he’d promised they’d get married once he was more financially set.

“Maybe, if the bonus is that big,” she began, “we could think about setting a date.”

His head whipped around, a flash of anger registered on his handsome features, and as quickly as it had appeared, it was gone. “It’s a bonus not a raise. We discussed this.”

“Yes, but if it’s enough for a Lamborghini, maybe it’s enough that…”

“Let’s not discuss money in public. It’s inappropriate,” he scolded.

Biting her lip, Claire nodded. “Yes,” she replied.

Philip and Greta arrived at the table and Brent stood and shook his boss’ hand. They were joined by Alan, the CFO, and his wife, and Garrett, the head of the legal department and his partner. Champagne was poured and the men discussed business, as they did at every company function, while the women discussed which designer that had supplied their dresses for the evening. Claire nodded at the appropriate moments and Brent reached for her hand under the table as he was discussing marketing ideas for the next tradeshow. Feeling relief that he wasn’t upset with her, she laced her fingers with his and took a breath, ready to play the perfect part for the rest of the evening.


“Look at her!” the girls teased.

Claire’s head lowered and she glanced at the old shoes on her feet, worn and well-loved. So worn that the holes grew in size each day. Hearing the girls tease her day after day was starting to grow old, but the sharp sting was there with each cutting remark. Ten year old girls could be cruel and it would only get worse as they got older.

Living on the wrong side of the tracks with a father who used to work construction but had been on disability since a fall from some scaffolding had left him unable to work, and a mother who was a cashier at the local drugstore, did not impress the girls in Claire’s 5th grade class. Money had always been tight, but since the accident, new shoes were not a priority. Rent, electricity and medical needs topped the list. Shoes were near the bottom. It was only when she was at school that Claire noticed she was not dressed like the other girls, that her backpack was not the newest style, and that her perfectly comfortable shoes were not up to snuff.

“Mom,” she whined one day after a particularly hard day at school. “I need new shoes. And a new backpack. And some new clothes.”

“Claire,” her mother had sighed while slipping her feet into the well-worn white sneakers. “There’s no money for frivolous things like that. I have three dollars in my purse and that has to buy milk and bread to last the rest of the week till I get paid.”

“And then I can have new shoes?” Claire replied hopefully.

“No, you can’t.”

“I never get anything new!” she wailed as she stomped off to her bedroom and slammed the door shut as she threw her bag to the floor. “I hate being poor,” she muttered to herself. “When I grow up I’m never going to be poor. I’m going to have a hundred pairs of shoes!”

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