A Choice for Claire- AJ’s Best Book of 2015

Romance Novel Cover - A Choice For Claire by AJ Harmon - Best Book 2015

Romance Author AJ Harmon’s Best Book of 2015

Claire Larson decided early in life that the key to happiness was money. Experience had taught her that poverty led to misery. The handsome and rich Brent Cooper enters her life and promises her all she wants, but at what price? Is she willing to live in fear and without self-respect in order to have the mansion and drive the luxury car?

When she meets Zeke Dayton she couldn’t be at a lower point in her life. Zeke is gorgeous and sexy but a mechanic with a struggling auto repair business, definitely not with whom she’d envisioned herself.

Claire has to make the biggest choice of her life between having everything and having it all.

Caution: This book contains scenes of rape and domestic violence, and real life situations. Please be aware of the nature of this book. Ages 18 and over only.

There were a series of PSA’s on TV about domestic violence that irritated me and I began to think a lot about how we can start a dialog and perhaps put an end to the vicious cycle, one abuser at a time. To save one victim is more than I could hope for, but I wrote Claire’s story because I wanted women to know – to really know – that they do not have to accept a life of abuse – they deserve so much more. This is a story of survival, but more importantly of a woman understanding her self-worth and building her self-esteem without a man trying to tear her down at every turn.

Lesa G.
“A Choice For Claire I fully believe is one of the best books by AJ Harmon. It takes ahold of you to become its puppet for an emotional story. With every page turned you never know what will happen next or what strings will be pulled at your heart. To go through the journey Claire went through with Brent growing into a grade A a–hole who got physical with Claire was terrifying. The descriptions AJ used had it to where I felt the fear Claire felt when she wasn’t sure what was happening to him. The drunken moments Brent had kept my heart in fear of whether or not more abuse was to come. Then the final straw of the abuse got me into tears. I rarely cry with books but omg I was in tears. I felt terrifying sadness she felt when he did the final straw before she did what not many victims do and ran.

Then you have Zeke, brother of Rachel, there to catch you as you fall. I fell in love with Zeke right along with Claire. He was her knight in shining armor. In fact, his whole family was like her own royalty court there to help her and protect her. They were the family that would take your breath away. They make you want them to be your family. The ending blew me away. Such a great way to end to the ride. I got all giddy and was smiling like an idiot as I read it. Again, by far the best AJ Harmon book I’ve read to date and I’ve read them all. She’s an amazing writer and her books show it.”

Tina D.
“AJ Harmon writes with love. Fiction and reality come together to make some of the most beautiful books, this one included. Being in a similar situation to Claire this was hard to read at moments, but it also gave me hope for my own future. Well done AJ, well done!!”
Trudy D.
“LOVED IT!!!!! This story was classy and informative. If this story was supposed to show how easy it is to get trapped in an abusive relationship–it succeeded. If this story was supposed to show how helpless the victim can feel–it succeeded. If the story was supposed to show the victim that she isn’t alone–it succeeded. If this story was supposed to tell the victim that survival was possible–it succeeded. If this story was supposed to give hope to those in this situation–I hope that it succeeded.”
Midwest Book Lover
“The serious subject matter of this book really made it stand out among all the books AJ has written. It’s told in a sensitive but believable manner. I loved seeing Claire come into her own and develop healthy relationships.”

In an Online Facebook poll romance readers named “A Choice for Claire” AJ Harmon’s best book of 2015.

Of all the romance books AJ has written, this one has the most powerful impact on romance readers according to an online poll.

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