A few weeks ago, my fabulous assistant, aka my husband, posted a poll on my Facebook page asking my readers three questions.

  1. What is my best romance novel?
  2. What is my sexiest and best romance novel cover?
  3. Which is the best romance novel video trailer in my collection?

I was very curious to see what the readers had to say and was both surprised and not surprised at the answers. Let me explain why.

My personal favorite book that I’ve written changes regularly. There will always be a very special place in my heart for First Class to New York, as it was the first book I wrote, and it took 4th place in the poll. Plus, it’s FREE on all digital platforms so that quite often makes it a fan favorite. 😉

My Best Romance Novels:

Another book I have a special affection for is First Class Hero, and I am happy to say that it took 3rd place in the best books poll. I love writing about good men who leave a positive mark on the world, and a military man does that and more. A Navy Seal, Paul Latham wants to do what’s right. He wants to serve his country and protect the freedoms other men had fought to secure. But he also wants a family: a wife and a partner to love and cherish, and a bunch of children to love and spoil. In his story we see his struggle as he must choose which path will make him happy. But I have to admit that the main reason I love this book is the cover. My very own son-in-law, a Navy man himself, graces the cover of First Class Hero and I couldn’t be prouder.

Taking 2nd place in AJ’s best romance novel poll was He’s No Saint. I am thrilled that this book received a nod because this was a book that I didn’t know if I should actually write. I woke up in the middle of the night after having a dream about a priest and the torment he faced from a past filled with tragedy. A sweet and kind nun, hiding from her own life, was the one who helped him to face his demons and strive to be a better man. Was it cliché? Was it laughable that I had this weird dream and decided to turn it into a romance novel? Would people read about a priest and a nun? Would I offend every Catholic out there? After mulling it over for several months I sat down at my computer and began writing Father Hugh’s story and I am immensely proud of the finished product. It’s not just a salacious story of a forbidden romance, but also a reminder that we all have a past we have to come to terms with before we can have the future we desire. It is a story of second chances and a forever binding love that can’t be broken.

And the winner is… A Choice for Claire. This makes my heart happy. This is a book that I desperately hoped would be received well and I have been overwhelmed with amazing messages from readers that have made the difficult writing journey well worth it. This is not your typical romance novel as it deals with domestic violence and the horrific events that leads to Claire having to make the most difficult choice of her life. I didn’t want to sugar coat the issue and lessen the abuse that each victim faces. It was challenging to write and the research I did prior was sad and depressing. But that wouldn’t make a great romance read so Claire has the opportunity to have a happily ever after, which, unfortunately, not all domestic violence survivors achieve. But this is a book of hope and finding strength. It is a story that needs to be told and I am honored that readers have loved Claire’s story.

AJ's Best Romance Novels - Best Books voted by romance readers

AJ’s Best Romance Novels – Romance Readers picked my 3 Best Books in a Facebook Poll

AJ's Best Romance Novel Covers - Voted Best Book Covers

AJ’s Best Romance Novel Covers – Voted Best Book Covers


My Best Romance Book Covers:

On to the fun stuff – sexiest cover! I was surprised that First Class Rescue didn’t make the top three. After all, it has a half-naked fire fighter on the cover! But alas, Tim Latham was overlooked. J

Coming in 3rd was First Class to New York. The story of Janie and Matt is sexy as hell, so why shouldn’t the cover reflect that? My readers have good taste.

In 2nd place for sexiest and best romance novel cover is San Diego – love comes in many forms. While this isn’t a sexy cover, it is a beautiful cover and invokes a feeling of love and family, two things which I write about – they go hand in hand. This romance book is also FREE on all digital platforms so again, a winner with readers.

The winning sexy romance novel cover is He’s No Saint and once you see the cover you definitely see why it won. Biceps, pecks, abs and a tattoo. What more could you want? Father Hugh is just a winner in every category. If you haven’t met him yet I highly suggest you do.

AJ's Best Romance Novels Video Trailer - Best Books voted by romance readers

AJ’s Best Romance Novels Video Trailer – Best Books voted by romance readers

My Best Romance Novel Video Trailers:

When it comes to making a video trailer for a romance novel, it can be a challenge to convey the emotion that is captured within the pages of the book, but readers picked their top 3 winners and I understand their choices.

In 3rd place, Father Hugh from He’s No Saint takes his place on the podium. From the moment I began writing I knew the music I wanted to use and am thrilled the video turned out so well.

Coming in 2nd for the best video trailer for a romance novel by AJ Harmon is A Choice for Claire. The images used clearly tell the story of an abused woman trapped in a relationship that is literally going to kill her eventually. But the second half of the video leaves the viewer anxious to read the book and discover the strength Claire possesses in order to make a life for herself free from fear.

And coming in in 1st place is Las Vegas – what happens in vegas doesn’t always stay in vegas. This is a fun romance novel about following your heart and the video trailer reflects that in the pictures and the music. One little tidbit about the video is that my son used his own footage of the Bellagio fountains when we were in Las Vegas. It makes it that much more personal when we are able to do that. By the way, the book cover was also a photo he took so I doubly love this book. J

I appreciate all the readers who took the time to vote for their favorite book, cover, and trailer in the poll. It is important to me as an author to understand what readers like and are looking for in their next read. While I write what I feel, it helps me to align my thoughts with that of the reader so that we are both happy with the finished product.



I hope that you have picked your best romance novel from my collection. And if you can’t pick just one, I have three boxed sets you can download and then you won’t have to pick just one! 😉

Happy Reading everyone!


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