Beginning Again

This short story by AJ Harmon, author of the celebrated First Class Novels series, describes how one woman survives the break-up of her marriage and comes to believe that there is a future for her filled with adventures and love. Share Anna’s journey as she learns to live again.

Since the day I started writing, I have been unable to control the ideas for new stories from crowding my mind. This story about Anna popped into my head one afternoon while talking to a dear friend who was in the midst of a major crisis in her marriage. Her situation dealt with infidelity and certainly a heartbreaking situation. But I began to think about the slow and sometimes unrecognizable breakdown of a marriage that takes place over years, rather than a single moment of deep regret. As a wife of thirty plus years, I can understand how easy it could be to slip into a roommate role rather than an intimate partner, as children, finances and work schedule get in the way of the continual need for firming and building a solid relationship. For Anna, she realizes that they have gone too far to salvage their marriage, and as many women I know personally, struggles with the idea of being able to make it on her own after being dependent on a man for so long. But there is always hope, and with hard and determination, anything is possible.

“What a beautiful short story, not that I expected anything less from AJ!”
“I knew this was a short story but loved the characters so much that I hated this to end.”
S. Lewis
“Very short cute story that leaves you wanting more yet leaves you to imagine anything is possible”
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