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After writing Janie and Matt’s story I had no idea there would be seven more books in the series. But once I created the characters, they really wanted a voice of their own, and the First Class Novels series was born. First Class to New York and First Class to Portland are Matt and Janie’s love story, although they appear in every book. First Class Justice is Mark and Katy’s story and then you meet the whole family in First Class Voyage. The next four books are Paul’s, David’s, Tim’s, and Ben’s story and then the series wraps up with First Class Farewell. This was a particularly fun book to write because we catch up with all the couples and see how their lives have changed over the ten years.
I hope you enjoy the Lathem family. They are all very special to me.


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USA Today Bestselling Contemporary Romance Novel Series

Best Selling Romance Novel Series - Romance Books Review - excellent series!!! - andreaGAH
Excellent series!!!!  AndreaGAH I have read each of the books in this series. There really is absolutely no accurate way to express the quality and magnitude of each one. A rating system was difficult for me, I felt 5 was never high enough. Full of suspense, romance, emotions (your heart will be all over the place), serious life subjects, comedy, array of family relationships, etc. No journey or life path would be complete without characters that touch and impact in some way. This is by far one of the best series you will ever read. Your reading world will forever be affected. They will have a piece of your heart when you finish.
Best Selling Romance Novel Series - Romance Books Review - beautiful story line - lisa
Beautiful story line  Lisa This series is about a large family who each in turn have their own struggles to overcome, but with the help of family, and togetherness, they do learn to over come, to love, and to know that through everything, you still have family. These stories touched me, they made me laugh, or cry, but through it all, they were amazing. Definitely a must read !!
Best Selling Romance Novel Series - Romance Books Review - Great modern-day romance stories - s leticia castro de michel
Great modern-day romance stories  S Leticia Castro de Michel I recommend this collection to people who like love stories, to the people who enjoy to read good books. The first book I read was First Class To New York, I just loved it… This was a modern Cinderella story and it got me. That's why a bought the complete collection. I wanted to read the other stories in the hope they were similar to the first book I read and they were. I'm so glad I bought them… The common key ingredients these books have and show you how to get going in life are Family, Faith, Love, partnership, courage, friendship, and healthy fun
Best Selling Romance Novel Series - Romance Books Review - a glorious tale of love and family - debera
A Glorious Tale of Love and Family  Debera If you love to read stories of love and romance with hot and sexy couples this is for you. It not only held my interest through 9 books it has adventure, mystery, trials and some heartache. In the end it is wonderful look into a big noisy, flawed family and the love they have for each other. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.