First Class Novels – USA Today Bestselling Contemporary Romance Novel Series

After writing Janie and Matt’s story I had no idea there would be seven more books in the series. But once I created the characters, they really wanted a voice of their own, and the First Class Novels series was born. First Class to New York and First Class to Portland are Matt and Janie’s love story, although they appear in every book. First Class Justice is Mark and Katy’s story and then you meet the whole family in First Class Voyage. The next four books are Paul’s, David’s, Tim’s, and Ben’s story and then the series wraps up with First Class Farewell. This was a particularly fun book to write because we catch up with all the couples and see how their lives have changed over the ten years.
I hope you enjoy the Lathem family. They are all very special to me.


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USA Today Bestselling Contemporary Romance Novel Series