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The Lathem clan is all about love, trust, loyalty, respect and family. They still eat dinner together every Sunday and vacation together, too. Each story focuses on one of the brothers finding their own happily-ever-after, and First Class Voyage and First Class Farewell involve the entire Lathem clan. If you find family, love and romance inspirational, then this kindle romance complete collection of First Class Novels is for you.
The first 3 books in the series; First Class to New York, First Class to Portland and First Class Justice are like a romance trilogy series. We meet Janie, Katy, Matt and Mark and follow them from heartache to love, through awkward introductions to the sparks of passion, from hell on earth to pure heaven in each other’s arms.
In the next 6 books we get to know the rest of the wealthy and sexy Lathem brothers. You’ll enjoy the men that make up this great family and witness their surrender to the love and passion of a good woman.
Romance, sex, fun, loss and heartache are all included in these books that will you keep you captivated from the very first page of the first book to the last page of the final story.

Writing a series is so fun for me. I get to write about all my characters book after book and I really loved getting to know the Lathem clan intimately. As I’ve already stated, the idea to write a series never entered my mind when I started the first book, but the stories came to me so I wrote them. When it was all said and done, I had nine books in total and I knew that it was going to be expensive for readers to get them all, so the boxed set was born. I want the books to be available at a reasonable price so everyone can enjoy them. When it came time to get it all ready for publication, a new story had been swirling around in my head for a little while, that of Maureen and Peter’s courtship. Could I write it and add it to the set? A full length novel was out of the question but a novella would be fun. I researched the era, the 1950’s and talked to my parents who were married in that decade. First Class Devotion came to life and their love story became real. I wrote in first person, as Maureen was telling her daughters-in-law her story and I really liked the way it turned out. The only way to get a copy of First Class Devotion is in the boxed set… or in paperback if you come to see me at an author signing.

It’s even more fun when your series becomes a USA Today Bestselling Contemporary Romance Novel Series.

Some wonderful reviews about this USA Today Bestselling Romance Novel Series:

“What a terrific series; I’m so sad it has ended. The hot, sexy Lathem brothers’ stories have sizzled, been filled with drama, and lots of love!”

 Lisa S.

“What a wonderful, well written series. I would definitely tell everyone this is a must read series. Full of family, romance, suspense, tension, laughs, and tears! It’s a series you just hate to see end! AJ Harmon you are an amazing author!”

 Stefanie L.

“I knew I had to read this series! I’m so glad I did! All of the characters are truly believable! Many of them could be my friends! I’m really going to miss seeing into their lives! Great love stories along with such strong family ties!”


“I have been waiting for a most touching and sometimes humorous book for years. Bravo! I can’t wait to read your other books. This was the best and thank you for creating such a great family.”


“AJ Harmon is one of my all-time favorite writers. It was by chance that I discovered her “First Class” series on Amazon, and now I own All of her books in e-form and in paperback (yes, she’s that good!). Here’s my take on First Class.

First Class to New York- Janie and Matt – We find Janie taking a once in a lifetime trip to New York where she quite literally bumps into Matt in the airport. It’s such a fluke that she also happens to be seated next to him on her trip from Portland to New York. Matt is intrigued by Janie, you see- he’s used to women practically throwing themselves at him but Janie is different. She’s modest and shy and is unassuming. What starts off as Matt being nice and showing her the sights of New York and a little romantics fling turns into something more- of which neither one is willing to admit their true feelings to the other. Janie had unknowingly unlocked something in Matt and he’s struggling to deal with emotions that he’s kept deeply hidden away. For the first time in his life he is in love and he doesn’t quite know how to deal with Janie walking away. Janie on the other hand is completely heartbroken, for the second time in her life.

First Class to Portland- Janie and Matt, Katy and Mark – We start with Janie trying to get on with her life in Portland and making big changes, meanwhile back in New York Matt has become more and more difficult to be around. We have Matt’s brother Andrew getting married and it makes Matt realize that he really does need to go after Janie. More of Matt’s deeply hidden secrets are revealed and your heart aches for him. Janie is such a sweet, loving woman who was left a widow while she was still in her prime. Matt wants what Janie had with her late husband Robert- a forever kind of love. Katy is Janie’s best friend, and when Katy goes missing is takes all three (Janie, Matt and Mark) to find her. At the end of the book another one of Matt’s secrets is revealed and it makes you gasp.

First Class Justice- Katy and Mark – As Katy deals with her abduction and the legal system, she and Mark become friends. Janie also strikes up a friendship with a young abuse victim. Their romance is nothing like the one that her best friend Janie has with Matt. This story will make you cry in other ways. It’s about figuring out what you really want and letting yourself be free of the other stuff that’s happened to you.

First Class Voyage – it’s a 14 day cruise and there’s a little going on with ALL of the family members. It’s seems like quite a few people are getting something they want… Matt is even more happy and in love with Janie than he was in the last book. Katy deals with her issues and Mark finally gets what he’s wanted all along. Maureen gets what she’s wanted. Rory and Andrew get something they never thought that they would have. Janie’s mom Patty gets something that she’s been wanting. Even Peter got something that he wanted. Paul, well he’s hot some work ahead of him. Read the book and find out!

First Class Hero- Nic and Paul – Nic doesn’t like military men, Paul is out to prove that not all military men are the cheaters that she thinks they all are. He’s a breed apart, he’s a Navy SEAL and believes in honor and sacrifice. The two of them start up a friendship and through letters and e-mails they get to know one another. Nic loses her job and finds herself with a new one, in of all places -New York! Paul is determined and Nic is leery. Little does Nic know that Paul is a SEAL on mission when it comes to winning her over.

First Class Menu -Lindsey and David – This is such a funny book, not funny haha, but funny because men can be so damn clueless! David is an artist, one that is focused and only sees his project. Lindsey is a chef, and is suffering from unrequited love. David is blind to the fact that he’s in love. So how does one open the eyes of an artist to the fact that he’s in love when he doesn’t realize it himself?

First Class Rescue -Tim and Beth- Her building is on fire and Tim is one of the firemen who rescues Cleo, Beth’s dog. They too start off as friends and it turns into something more. But Tim is a bit of a playboy, actually he’s just shy of being a man whore. Feelings are hurt and there’s a big misunderstanding and family gets in the way. What’s a fireman to do when he’s lost the only girl he’s ever loved? Well it’s Janie to the rescue with maybe not a cure but at least a band-aid for a broken heart. And this story is too good for me to give away everything.

First Class Stamp -Sophia and Ben – Ben is all business, he never mixes business and pleasure. He’s content and happy- he continually tells himself that. Sophia is a single mom. Maria is a single mom. Both women are interested in him. And Ben finds himself buying a lot of stamps from the family owned grocery store across the street from his apartment- the grocery store that Sophia’s parents own.

First Class Farewell – Shelby and Adam – This is a sad story as an ugly crimes results in the death of a beloved family member. We reminisce and say good bye but also love is in the air for another member of the family.

First Class Devotion – Maureen and Peter – Here is a story for the ages. Have tissues ready because as we’ve seen Maureen being the pushing mother in law in other stories, we see an entirely different side to her here. It’s a different era, one with different values. It really says something to the kind of woman Maureen is and all she’s been though in her life. Now you’ll want to get the boxes set because this is the only way you’ll get this last book! Trust me, it’ll tug at your heart strings and have you seeing Maureen and Peter in a whole new light.”

 Sandie G.

Reviews for Best Selling Romance Novel Series
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Best Selling Romance Novel Series - Romance Books Review - Loved it - ginzoid
I love Bella Andre and now I am adding A.J. Harmon to my list. I fell in love with the entire family and truly enjoyed watching the life of each character develop with his own story. It was great having all the books together and being able to move from one brother to another(seven in all). Each one had his own unique story to tell. You never lost track of any member of the family because they were carried over into the next book. It was so enjoyable I just couldn't put the book down. If you love a story about family, everyday challenges, finding love and growth this book is for you.
Best Selling Romance Novel Series - Romance Books Review - Loved getting to know this family - marcie m jones
I've enjoyed spending the last week with the Lathem family! …I have thoroughly enjoyed the stories. Many similarities, but also each one unique. I loved the carry-over from one book to the next, and really felt like I knew the family by the end. Great job, AJ Harmon!
Best Selling Romance Novel Series - Romance Books Review - Love this author - lovetoread
Love this author LovetoRead I love (AJ's) writing style and all the love stories... I could not put (this series) down. The stories have their ups and downs but they are true romantic novels.
Best Selling Romance Novel Series - Romance Books Review - I enjoyed this sexy, fun, touching series of love stories of the Lathems - Lisa S.
I enjoyed this sexy, fun, touching series of love stories of the Lathems! Lisa S. / Royal Lioness Lisa blog What a terrific series; I'm so sad it has ended. The hot, sexy Lathem brothers' stories have sizzled, been filled with drama, and lots of love!
Best Selling Romance Novel Series - Romance Books Review - First Class all the way! - Kate
First Class all the way!  Kate AJ Harmon is a fabulous writer. I have loved this series from the beginning! The family dynamic is wonderful and the follow through to the last book leaves you pleasantly satisfied. I never like to see a series end but I was satisfied with the closure given by this series. Thanks for sharing your imagination and this wonderful family with us!
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