Romance book: First Class Farewell

Just when life seems to be perfect, tragedy strikes. The Lathems lose one of their own in a senseless, violent crime and the family struggles to deal with the loss.

Spreading the ashes and saying farewell is harder than they could ever have imagined, but are reminded repeatedly that life goes on – there is still living and loving to be done.

While all together in their house in the Caribbean, they are reminded once more how fragile life can be and how they should treasure every moment shared with the most important people on earth – their family. Join the Lathem family as they say goodbye to a loved one and watch a romance blossom right in front of their eyes.

I wanted to catch up with the entire family a few years after the final brother, Ben, ties the knot and see what has happened in the lives of the Lathem clan. Sadly, they come together for a funeral of one of their own – a devastating loss that is difficult to deal with. But, as with life, surprises come when we least expect it and the Lathems are no exception. There is laughter and the shedding of tears as you read this story but it also wraps the series up with a nice little bow. The Lathems are extremely wealthy, the 1% of the population, if you will, but are also very human. They live in million dollar penthouses and drive luxury cars, and even have a magnificent vacation home in The Bahamas. But a death affects them the same as it would any one of us. Money doesn’t buy everything and it can’t heal the hole the death of a loved one leaves. As a writer I want to give the escape every woman wants in a romance novel, where doing the laundry and paying the mortgage is of no consequence. But I also have to make the characters human, and nothing equalizes us like death.

Book Junky Girls
“The first half of the book shows you what everyone’s been up to and it shows their love. It also shows their struggles and some unfortunate losses. Brought together by the loss of a family member, they go to Janie and Matt’s vacation home in the Bahamas to say goodbye. While there you see happy and sad times. And the foundations of new love. Warning – have tissues ready for this one it’s a lot more emotional for the family we’ve come to know in the series and you’ll find yourself crying along with them!!!”
Janice A.
“Well those of us who have so waited for this last and final book of the First Class Novels it was a great wait for an amazing book. A J. You just never disappoint. You just keep getting better.”
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