Military Romance Novel: First Class Hero

Lieutenant Commander Paul Lathem has served his country proudly for eleven years as a navy Seal. He has risked life and limb to preserve freedom and has loved every minute of it, but having entered his thirties, he realizes he’s looking for more. He wants the wife and the kids and the life he sees his older brother Matt enjoying. And he is sure he wants it with Nic, but she isn’t convinced.

Born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia, Nic Stewart has had a difficult childhood, with scars burned deep in her heart. Recently fired from her job as a kindergarten teacher, Nic increases her employment search radius and ends up in Manhattan, just blocks from the Lathems…and Paul.

Will Paul be able to soften Nic’s heart and rescue her from the demons of her childhood? Can he convince her she deserves a love story?

We met Paul, a Navy Seal, in First Class Voyage and in Hero his story of making the hardest decision of his life is told. Does he give up the career he loves to settle down and have a wife and the family his heart craves? When he finally makes his decision, the woman he’s selected isn’t that keen on the idea and he has to woo her… court her until she sees what’s standing right in front of her. Nic has baggage that she wears proudly and it’s only through the love of a good man that she’s able to let go of it and claim the future that is being offered to her. I personally, know nothing of playing hard to get. When I met my future husband, I made it obvious that I was on board with the idea of making things permanent. He didn’t have to work very hard at all! But, as with each snowflake, every woman is different so Nic doesn’t woo easily. One of the things I love about this book was the email correspondence between them. It is through getting to know each other that Nic sees the man that she could fall in love with.

Carrie F.
“Getting to know Paul in more depth was one of the best things about this book. Quintessential military man meets teacher. He and Nic are a perfect match, and their romance is very heartwarming. Paul remains my favorite Lathem brother.”
Suzanne K.
“Who doesn’t love a Navy Seal who just happens to be one of 7 very hot brothers! This book you will learn more about Paul, and the girl who couldn’t say NO enough on the cruise Nicole. Wonderful read I found myself not able to put it down till I was finished.”
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