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Lindsey Dardin is at the height of her career. Executive Chef at two of Manhattan’s finest dining establishments at the young age of thirty-five, her professional life is on fire. But since her short-lived marriage in her early twenties, love has eluded her.

David Lathem loves his job as curator for the Atherton Gallery. And with his live-in girl, Freckles the cat, he seems content. But when he meets Lindsey he finally realizes his life is sorely lacking.

Lindsey offers David cooking lessons and they spend weeks in the kitchen getting to know each other and Lindsey falling head over heels in love with him. But David is too blind to see what’s right in front of him. Can he figure out what he wants in time?

David Lathem is the perfect example of the middle child. He has these amazing older brothers that naturally succeed at everything they try and he isn’t as “cute” as his younger brothers. He drifts for many years until an old friend offers him the job of his dreams. It is only when he is secure in himself that a woman presents herself for the taking, only David is too clueless to see her as anything more than his instructor? I loved writing these two characters and watching their relationship blossom so innocently. I was also able to include my love of cooking in this book. I am a Food Network addict and watch the show Chopped religiously. One of my top ten wishes would be to meet Alex Guarnaschelli – she is my hero! Well, at least on my next trip to New York City I will eat at Butter 😉

Cindy F.
“There are a lot of very handsome sweet men out there in this world, that who have no clue when it comes to how appealing they really are to women. IMO- these types of men are the ones that appeal to me even more. I loved this book from beginning to end. We got a quick glimpse of the people we’ve come to know and love in the last few books. I love this big boisterous Lathem family.”
Stefanie L.
“David’s story is one I really love and was gripping in its own way. The characters are the type you want to have around you all the time. Whether it be friends or family. I simply love this family!”
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