Romance Book: First Class Rescue

Tim, the youngest Lathem brother, works hard and plays harder. A member of New York City’s bravest, a fire fighter, he puts his life on the line every time he battles a raging fire. But when it comes to women and romance, he’s not willing to risk anything. Women are there for his amusement and nothing more, and being a gorgeous, sexy Lathem brother, allows him to do as he pleases. Women throw themselves at him all night long.
Beth Collins has made New York City her home after relocating from England. She’s created a quiet life for herself and her faithful four-legged companion, Cleo. When Tim rescues Cleo from her building that’s on fire, her gratitude turns into something more. Sparks instantly fly between them and the feelings they have for each other are real and deep, scaring them both.
Beth’s family does not approve of Tim…he doesn’t measure up to their rigid standards as husband material, so Beth is torn between following her heart and respecting the wishes of her parents. Tim is a playboy and loves his lifestyle. He’s not sure he’s ready to settle down. Will he give it all up for her? Can love truly conquer all?

Who doesn’t love a hot fire fighter?? Tim, the youngest of the family, is deeply affected by 9/11 as a young boy and decides that he wants his life, and death, to mean something more than how much money and toys one can collect in a lifetime. Risking his life to save a dog, the owner is forever grateful and love eventually blossoms, but not without some bumps along the way. Being born of English parents, it was fun to write about an American man and an English woman finding love. As with my own marriage, bringing two cultures together was an interesting journey and one that provided a few hiccups along the way, but also cemented us together. Our children are a perfect blend of both of us and our cultures.

Suzanne K.
“Oh my can it get any better than this?? Tim has no interest in settling down and being “whipped” like his brothers, till Cleo opens his eyes to Beth. Coming from a different style family Beth is scared to love Tim so they have to work through all the issues of family and they do this by pushing each other away and then pulling each other in. The need to find a way to Rescue their hearts together.”
Andrea H.
“A matchmaking 4 legged furry best friend adds to the wonderful revolution of this love story. A magnificent read with so much to enjoy. Every element of pure perfection. Such a sweet storyline full of romance. An emotional journey of love and relationship development.”
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