Romance Book: First Class Stamp

Ben, the last of the Lathem brothers to remain single, has a mantra; he is happy and content. He tells himself over and over again hoping that one day he may actually believe it. Running his brother’s company and living the life of a well-to-do bachelor, Ben isn’t looking for love.

Sophia is a single mom and a devoted daughter. Helping out her dad in the family business, the corner market across from Ben’s apartment, her son meets Ben and forms a friendship, throwing Ben and Sophia into one another’s path. Romance and love are the last things on her mind, but Ben is what every woman dreams of marrying.

Maria works for Ben in Rio de Janeiro and her ten year old son has been Ben’s pen pal for years. When she is transferred to New York, will the smoldering lust that has lain dormant for years be ignited?

One man and two women. He has a choice to make. Where will his heart lead him?

Ben is the last brother to remain single. In his story, however, we have a little bit of a love triangle when a woman from his past arrives to make him question his decision to pursue a beautiful single mother he’s met. It was certainly bittersweet marrying off the last brother, but I enjoyed the addition of the friendship he makes with the sons of the two women. I was watching the news one evening and they did a report on the Olympics in Brazil and the millions and millions of dollars being spent on the infrastructure to support the massive influx of visitors. They showed the construction of the state-of-the-art facilities and arenas being built and then they contrasted that with the poverty stricken population living in nothing more than a lean-to and filth. It was heartbreaking to see the children growing up in that kind of poverty. That’s when I decided to set the backdrop of the story in Brazil and just cast a glimpse of what was happening in that part of the world. As a writer, I feel a responsibility to leave the world a better place with the work I produce. I’m not talking Pulitzer Prize or anything, but at least give the reader something they may not have thought about before.

Suzanne K.
“My favorite First Class book is this one!!! My only issue was it wasn’t long enough – I wanted more of BEN!!! I just have no clue what was going to happen next, with so many books today you can figure out what the next page will bring, with Ben I have NO CLUE!! I was yelling at Ben via my kindle over and over asking him WHY. In the end I was very happy with the outcome and get why he took the path he did.”
“A terrific plot, well written characters and amazing dialogue. Again, AJ has stolen my heart with this book.”
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