First Class Voyage by AJ Harmon – A Travel Romance Book

Contemporary Romance Novel - First Class Voyage by AJ Harmon - Vacation Travel Romance Book

Family time takes on a whole new meaning when Maureen, the matriarch of the Lathem clan, decides she wants to celebrate her wedding anniversary by taking the entire family on a Caribbean cruise. She drags her husband, seven adult sons, their significant others, five grandchildren and a mother-in-law onto a floating city in the Caribbean Sea with 3000 other passengers… where insecurities and tension between in-laws begin to surface.

Matt and Janie are still enjoying their happily ever after while Katy struggles to find her place in the large family. Frustrated by Maureen’s constant pressure to transform her 3 year engagement into wedding bells, Katy boards the ship expecting it to be the worst 14 days of her life. Mid-voyage, panic sets in when Janie’s best friend fails to return from a shore excursion with Mark. Remember what happened the last time Katy went missing?

In this book you’ll be introduced to Matt and Mark’s five younger brothers including Paul, a Navy Seal on leave between tours of duty. He’s not excited about being trapped on a boat surrounded by the circus called his family. Is Paul ready to trade in the organized discipline of military life to be a civilian with a wife and family?

First Class Voyage is a light, easy, smile-inducing read that explores love and family in the 21st century.

I love to travel and I love my family so I decided to combine the two and write First Class Voyage. It’s in this book that we meet the entire Lathem clan and get a peek of what is yet to come in the series. I also fell in love with Maureen, the Lathem matriarch, in this book. Her heart is made of gold but sometimes her blunt approach doesn’t always have the desired effect. As a relatively new mother-in-law, I identify a little bit with her. You want what is best for your children but the relationship with the “newbie” isn’t that same and that takes time, love, and patience for it to develop. And more often than not, a whole lot of compromise plays a part in building that connection. Maureen, as do I, just wants the best for her son and doesn’t always vocalize it well. Let’s hope my son-in-law doesn’t roll his eyes at me the way does at Maureen. 😉

good books to read First Class Voyage by AJ Harmon Travel Romance Book

“First Class Voyage!” S. Murphy: …First Class Voyage is the 4th in the series and as each book is released i seem to like them more and more. They all have a set of characters that have a great deal of charm and importance as the stories unfold. And, they grow more and more “real.” …As I have read the stories I have felt like I know the family and was part of it. I’m looking forward to more books in the series and recommend them to anyone that enjoys contemporary Romance stories.

good books to read First Class Voyage by AJ Harmon Travel Romance Book First Class all the way

“First Class all the way! “
California Girl in MA: I can say without a doubt that this series has caused me to say up late so I can finish the next chapter. I laughed I cried and enjoyed this book on so many levels. Run don’t walk and get all of the books in this series. I look forward to reading more about the Lathem boys.

good books to read First Class Voyage by AJ Harmon Travel Romance Book Hilariously Romantic book to read

“Hilariously romantic book to read!!!” Lolamyn: I love the storyline and the funny interactions among the characters. I spent more laughing and enjoying the conversations and arguments. I would consider this book a great book to read and highly recommend. Thanks AJ.

good books to read First Class Voyage by AJ Harmon Travel Romance Book Fun, Funny, romantic family reunion voyage

“Fun, funny, romantic family reunion voyage” Lisa S. : Maureen and Peter’s wedding anniversary voyage with sexy, 40+ year olds Matt and Janie, Mark and Katy, and the rest of the Lathem family was fun! …I would love a family reunion on a cruise ship after reading this!
This is a standalone novel, but is even better since I read and thoroughly enjoyed the other First Class novels: New York, Portland, and Justice. I really enjoyed reading more about Matt and Janie as well as Mark and Katy. I look forward to more about Paul’s decision about the Navy Seals, potential romance with Nicole, and more about the Lathems.


good books to read First Class Voyage by AJ Harmon Travel Romance Book A Marvelous Voyage

“A Marvelous Voyage!” Danielle Woods: As with the first three books in the First Class series, I could not put First Class Voyage down! I read the book in a day and was very pleased. AJ Harmon brings the characters to life and makes you feel like you are living the story with them. I loved getting to know the rest of the Latham family and can’t wait to see what else is in store for the bunch.

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