He’s No Saint

He's No Saint by AJ Harmon

USA Today Bestselling author, AJ Harmon, brings you the “OMG!” book of 2014 according to romance readers. It is “brilliantly written, well thought out, and refreshingly different.” Father Hugh, a strong alpha male, is destined to become your next book boyfriend. This book is emotionally powerful and will stay with you long after you finish reading.
Becoming a priest wasn’t his plan, but when the wealthy Tyler Oswin suffers a tragic loss, the safety of the church seemed the perfect place to find solace and peace. Now Father Hugh, he works and tries to do good but his carnal nature and bad boy desires always seems to get in the way of fully committing to his new profession.
Amy Lansing felt lost as a teenager after her father died and deals with her loneliness by joining the convent. She’s not living – she’s hiding. Holding onto the past is keeping her from dealing with her future and when she meets Father Hugh, her heart starts beating again, despite knowing that there can never be anything more than a friendship between them. A forbidden romance should be out of the question.
With all that has happened in the past, and the difficulty of their current situation, it seems that neither Tyler nor Amy will find the happily ever after they are both desperately searching for. But love has a way of bringing them together, only to find that his sins from the past will threaten their future.
He’s No Saint is a psychological and emotional love story for all who believe in fighting for love. It is a stand-alone novel written by AJ Harmon, author of the best-selling series First Class Novels.
“Phenomenal” and “Breathtakingly beautiful” is how this contemporary romance novel has been described by readers.

I know it sounds cliché, but I awoke one morning after having a dream that eventually became He’s No Saint. A priest hiding from his past. But unable to fully commit to his life in the priesthood, even though he has a good heart and wants nothing more than to find peace and serve his God. Enter Sister Meredith – a nun hiding from the world that has repeatedly disappointed her. Sparks fly and hearts reawaken. How can they move forward without dealing with past? This book does not end as I originally intended but I do love the ending and the promise that love is eternal. I was warned that writing about a priest was a tad controversial but Father Hugh is a good man with flaws, just like most men. He respects his God and the church and doesn’t flaunt his weaknesses but tries to overcome them. I think he represents everyone in that regard and I like the idea that he is relatable.

Laura D.
“Father Hugh is a parish priest at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. He is handsome, physically fit (he boxes for exercise – YUMM!), and comes from a wealthy family. St. Mary’s is also host to a convent. Sister Meredith arrives at the church as her newly assigned “home” and is immediately taken with the picturesque surroundings. Then she meets Father Hugh. This story has twists, turns and a shocking (but AWESOME!) ending. Nothing in this story is predictable, and will leave the reading contemplating the story for days on end. An incredible read – AJ Harmon has done it again!!”
Indies Steal Our Hearts
“From page one I was captured by this story. AJ Harmon does a great job at keeping you wanting to turn the page. I had my jaw dropped on the first page! I was shocked by the ending! This book has everything to make a great story! I love how it reminds you that even in the hardest times we ever can face, love can heal all. If you are looking for a book with great twist and turns, with a sexy Male character and a strong and fun loving Female character, then this book is for you. I had my emotions pulled in all different directions, and even though I cried, I was left with peace at the end!”
3 Crazy Book Chicks
“This book is so different than any book AJ has written, be ready for the unexpected. This book is one of the biggest emotional roller coasters and internal fights I have read in a long time, with Father High (Ty) and Sister Meredith (Amy) while reading I kept trying to figure out how they remained the people they were though out the book. Father Hugh is nothing short of sex on a stick!! Yum did ever enjoy reading about him, however I kept waiting for the happy ever after and it isn’t the normal type, I am used to. Box of tissues is a must when reading this book.”
He's No Saint
He's No Saint
He's No Saint
He's No Saint