Mr. Wright Write Right

When a cocky journalist interviews a young romance writer, the word fraud is used to describe her work. Tempers flare but can they deny the instant attraction?

When writing a novella for an anthology, joining other authors in giving readers a little bit of everything in one giant book, I like to write a story that is new and not related to any other characters I have already written about. Why? Because it’s a way to express my creativity without any commitment. 😉

Gina Walters is a character made up of many authors I know and love. She is a romance writer that fell into her profession and loved it so much she stayed. I relate! In fact, so do many of my author friends.

Jackson Wright is a journalist but has never a romance novel, like many men I know, and when he is assigned an author event, he has no idea what he’s getting into. I wrote Jackson through the eyes of my husband, not understanding the appeal of these books to romance readers, and understanding the writers even less. LOL

It was great fun writing these two characters I know so well, and I hope you enjoy getting to know them.

“It was a quick, short read. More importantly it just felt real. I believed it, and I wanted them to find away to be together.
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