AJ Harmon's Inspiring Romance Novel "A Choice for Claire" Audiobook

AJ Harmon’s Inspiring Romance Novel “A Choice for Claire” Audio Book

It wasn’t until a reader asked if I was going to release my books in audio that I actually gave it a thought. It’s not that I had decided against it, I just had never thought about doing it myself.

Initially, I was a tad anxious, having never done it before, but once we’d selected a professional narrator he walked us through the process. It was so easy that I can’t wait to do it again.

I chose A Choice for Claire to be my first audio book because it was my newest and it seemed like a great place to start. We solicited for audition tapes for a narrator and were pleasantly surprised to get dozens filling my email in-box. After narrowing it down to four, I enlisted help of some of my readers to narrow it once again and then I chose from the top two. I was thrilled when Alan Taylor accepted our offer to be the voice of a book I am so proud of.

Alan is a professional voice-over artist with an impressive resume and a wonderful voice. He did a fantastic job of bringing my words to life in the new audio book, A Choice for Claire. Not only was I pleased with the end result, my husband and I were able to have a drink with him in Nashville while I was there for a book signing earlier this year. It made the whole experience that much more special having been able to meet him and give him the great big hug that he deserved.

A Choice for Claire is the story of a woman who finds herself trapped in an abusive relationship by a man that has fooled her into believing he was her Prince Charming. Really, he is nothing more than a piece of garbage and Claire discovers this too late. While part of the book deals with the atrocities of domestic violence, the book really is about hope and learning to love yourself.  Claire learns to like herself and in doing so develops the self-confidence and self-worth that had been missing. Through her journey, she is able to see that she deserves to be happy and when her real Prince Charming arrives, she is able to recognize him as a man that will treat her with respect and love and get the happily ever after that she’s been desperately searching for.

If you like to listen to audio books, I am confident you will love my new audio book, A

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Choice for Claire.

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