Las Vegas – what happens in vegas doesn’t always stay in vegas

After taking a Sky Romance flight to Las Vegas, socialite Jessie Ellis learns the hard way that what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Choices have consequences, and not making the hard choices could have life-long consequences. Just days away from being swept down a predetermined path, not by her choice but because it was easy and expected, Jessie makes the hard decision to choose her own future and fight for the love and happiness she deserves. As her predetermined and passive existence crumbles around her, will she find her dream of a joyful and fulfilling happiness and a passionate and forever love?
Asher Jenkins is in desperate need of some decompression time. Trying to make partner at his law firm has left him drained and as best man for his best friend’s wedding, what better place for a bachelor party than Las Vegas?
A chance meeting for Jessie and Asher turns into a mind-blowing one-night stand. Saying goodbye, they assumed they would never see one another again, but fate has a way of helping them to realize that their futures are entwined. Will they continue to fight it? Or accept that their destiny is to be together? Will Asher be able to capture Jessie’s shielded heart?

Jessie realizes, while in Las Vegas for her bachelorette party, that she can’t go through with her wedding when she has a one-night stand with a complete stranger. Thinking she will never see him again, she is horrified to run into him at the grocery store and realize they live in the same city. Misunderstandings and wrong assumptions lead them to each other once more and what had happened in Vegas between them certainly doesn’t stay there. And it’s just as well or there would be no story. 😉 One of the reasons I selected Las Vegas as the location for the beginning of this book was because, as I have visited there, it is a city that is wonderful for a few days, but not necessarily a place I would want to live. Now, I know that millions of people are very happy there, but as I’ve talked with a few of them, they stay far away from the Strip. The lights, the food, the slot machines, and the millions of people are fun for a while – a great place for an escape – but eventually we have to come back to real life. At least that’s how I’ve felt whenever I’m there. As in Jessie’s case, she goes for a party but comes home to live her life and deal with the consequences of her actions.

3 Crazy Book Chicks
“Five star book without a doubt!! Everyone needs water to live, can water really be the answer to finding the one who makes the fireworks in your heart go off? Everyone says whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Is this still true? Jessie is heading to party it up with three close friends for her bachelorette party, but when she meets Asher who is there for one of his friends bachelor parties can she leave everything in Vegas that happened there? Paths have been crossed, heads have been turned, and feelings have been felt, yet she is to marry a man she feels no sparks with.”
Amanda C.
“Another great book from AJ. They get better and better. A fab love story of being in the right place at the right time.”
Carrie F.
“I fell in love with this book just from the title. Las Vegas is an unbelievably fun city, and AJ really captured that in this book. The characters are all incredibly lovable, and this is one of my top favorite AJ Harmon books.”
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