Ashamed to read steamy romance novels?

It was only just a few years ago that I would leave my job at lunch and go and sit under a tree in the park and eat my lunch and read a book. Of course, I sat in my car so no one would see the cover of the book I was reading. 😉 Heaven only knows what people would think if they saw the covers of the books I was reading. Sexy romance novels could be spotted a mile away with the half-naked men on the covers, or the sexy couple captured in the throes of passion that would make most people blush if they were caught staring at them. But those days are long gone. It’s no longer taboo to be caught reading a novel that is filled with passion and lust. In fact, it’s mainstream and as a contemporary romance author who writes steamy romance novels, I am nothing if not thrilled to know that women read my novels proudly.

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One of AJ’s Free Books Online: “First Class to New York” Book #1 in bestselling romance novel series,

I contribute a couple of different reasons to this liberating trend. The first is the affordable and readily available ereader: kindles, nooks, iPads, tablets. Not only are these a technological marvel, but nobody has a clue what you are reading when you’re sitting on the bus or a train, in the park or in the break room at work. It’s a private matter – just between you and your kindle fire. The need for paperbacks dwindled significantly and those sexy covers that draw us to the books in the first place are no longer on public display for us to be judged by what we are reading.

The second and third reason is a woman named E.L James. It doesn’t matter if you enjoyed the 50 Shades of Grey books, or hated them with a passion, the fact is, the explosion of this series around the world turned reading sexy romance novels into a normal, everyday activity for women (and some men!) that we no longer need to feel ashamed of enjoying. And, because of those books, many writers, me included, found the courage to publish our own books because Ms. James inspired us to self-publish.

And boy did I publish!! J I love to write steamy novels. Steam pours off the pages of First Class to New York with gusto. Matt and Janie’s story is layered with steam, as their relationship builds over a two-week period. And then it sizzles off the pages in First Class to Portland when every reader finds themselves blushing a time or two as the characters find what they’d been so desperately missing in their lives.

So next time you feel the need to immerse yourself in a sexy romance novel, one that leaves scorch marks it’s so hot, grab First Class to New York. But remember to keep a cool glass of ice water nearby because the steam is going to make you sweat! 😉

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2 Steamy Romance Novels from the First Class Novels Series: First Class to New York & First Class to Portland



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