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Romance Author AJ Harmon has 2 Free Books Online

Becoming a romance author was not very scary for me. Writing a romance novel came naturally – after all, I’ve being reading them practically all my life. The scary part of writing a book was having someone read it!!

First Class to New York is my first baby, so to speak. The story just poured out of me, like it’d been waiting for years to be told. Janie Anderson became an intimate friend and Matt Lathem, the ideal mate and perfect book boyfriend. Their story was so captivating for me that before I knew it, there was a second book and then a third. A year later nine novels and a novella had been published and I was head over heels in love with this fictional family that I had created.

I wanted others to love them too, so my husband suggested we make First Class to New York a free book online so that more readers would be willing to try a new author. What happened next blew me away. So many readers downloaded it and read it… and loved it. That was the scary part – waiting for the reviews to come in.

There are some people that don’t like cliffhangers, even if the book is free. They didn’t leave very good reviews, but I loved the fact that they were so passionate about not having the rest of the story. That meant that they’d fallen for Janie and Matt too! Most people have gone and read the entire series, which is now in a boxed set, First Class Family, and have welcomed the Lathem family into their hearts. I mean, who wouldn’t want seven sexy men and their adorable spouses as part of their family?

When it came time to start a new series, I decided to write a story with a little less spice so that my mother wouldn’t blush fifty shades of red while reading it. San Diego – love comes in many forms was another novel that was written pretty darn quickly, although it isn’t just about one couple. There are three intertwining stories that begin on a flight to San Diego. Each of the storylines captures a very special kind of love and each of the storylines is heartwarming and emotionally satisfying. And… it’s not a cliffhanger! 😉

I decided to make this a free book online just because I wanted people to read it. I wanted them to feel the heartache of not having love and the joy that love can bring into our lives. Yes, I write for a living. I can’t pay the electricity bill or buy groceries if I don’t sell some of my books. But I also feel a genuine responsibility to produce great stories that will leave the reader a better person after reading them. It may not always be a realistic goal but it is my hope nonetheless.

If you are looking for GREAT reads… if you are looking for romantic stories and realistic characters… if you are looking for love that conquers all, I have two free books online that will fit the bill.
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First Class to New York
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Two Free Books Online Romance Novels by AJ Harmon

Two Free Books Online Romance Novels by AJ Harmon